Here we are celebrating yet again another championship season with a 3-0 series sweep over the rival Frigid Beavers.

Pictured from left to right:
(back row) Mike Daley, Matt Musler, Rob Kuelbs, "El Capitan" Chris Zadel, Darryl Mottin, Stephen Zadel, Dr. Mike Hogan. (front row) Brad Weiss, Jim Sowle, Rick Miranda, Steve Melendi, George Jones.
(not pictured) Rob Buwalda, Ryan Coutts

WELCOME! We are a recreational ice hockey team that plays at the Dr. Pepper StarCenter in Famers Branch, Texas.

Some of you may have noticed a new venue for the team for the Winter 2007 season. The Dallas Freeze would like to personally thank all the teams we beat in our championship run for making this decision possible.

We also want to wish all the former Freeze members all the best this winter season with their new teams.

Except JimGym...

Look for some new changes with the site coming soon!

UPDATE: The Winter 2006-2007 schedule and results are finally here.


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